Man claiming allegiance to is kills french policeman and partner

Man claiming allegiance to is kills french policeman and partner

A 24-year-old French gunman shot and killed three officers and wounded two others outside a central Paris cafe before killing himself during the attack, a police spokesman said Thursday.

Police said he had pledged allegiance to Islamic State before he opened fire on them from inside the Le Petit Cambodge shop.

“It seems he had left our country for unknown reasons, but for security reasons we still had no other way of finding out what his intentions were,” Superintendent Sylvain Barbier said.

He said two hostages were believed to have been killed at the scene. Police believe the shooter may have been a member of a rival Islamic extremist movement.

French President Francois Hollande’s spokesman said on Twitter that no information was available as to whether there was a connection between the shooting in the Champs Elysees district and Wednesday night’s bomb attack near a concert hall on Paris’s main avenue.

Police have arrested six people in connection with the incident.

The attack also has political overtones.

A source close to the investigation told AFP that the shooter had links to a radical Islamist ideology that the far-right National Front, of which Salah Abdeslam is a leader, says supports its anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish political agenda.

The police chief called it an act of terror aimed at “the elimination of all other threats that threaten our Republic and its values.”

‘Terrorists with guns’

The attack comes as the French government has vowed to beef up security in the wake of last week’s Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris and the deadly sho광주출장마사지otings at a Jewish supermarket in nearby Vauxhall earlier this year.

That attack killed three people, including a policeman who survived the포커 의 신 rampage in which 17 gunmen in vests stormed the kosher supermarket.

A spokeswoman for France’s Interior Minister Matthias Fekl said the national security minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, had ordered the army to increase the presence of special forces and intelligence services.

“There has never been an attack that was more organized, was more prepare실시간카지노d,” Fekl told French television.

“I would like to stress the importance of the threat against our country and for our families.”

He also ordered the creation of a unit to combat the issue of fake news online, promising: “We must stand up and not fall down.”

Earlier, the head of the French central intelligence service, Michel Coulibaly, was arrested in a Pari